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Paulette Jolliffe

It all started when…

Ten year ago, after giving massage treatments to people for over 25 years, I began giving therapeutic massages to animals. I work primarily with dogs but also enjoy massaging goats, cows and horses. When an animal closes their eyes in relaxation or sighs with relief as my fingers find the tight spots, it is immensely gratifying. I have found the therapeutic value of massage and body work to be an extremely valuable tool in the management of osteoarthritis.

I have worked with dogs for the past 20 years, in the areas of health and rescue. In the 90's I founded and ran a nonprofit dog rescue organization, Canine Rescue Network, in Los Angeles. It was while rescuing dogs, that I witnessed many dogs prematurely euthanized simply because of limping, walking problems and stiffness mostly due to age and arthritis. I am happy to now provide a service which works to keep dogs happier, healthier and walking better with less pain and stiffness.


  • Certified Veterinary Technician

  • Certified Canine Massage Therapist

  • Certified Craniosacral Therapy for Dogs

  • Certified in Canine Osteoarthritic Treatment

  • Certified in Management of Canine Osteoarthritis

Therapeutic massage can work wonders! The dogs love it and so do I!


Massage For Dogs in Los Angeles_Arthritic and Geriatric Dogs

Arthritic & Geriatric Dogs

Arthritis left untreated means severe pain and deterioration of quality of life. It may begin with your dog having difficulty rising or you may notice your dog begin to limp during the daily walk. The sooner the arthritic condition is addressed the better your dog will feel and be able to function. Therapeutic massage offers relief from pain and inflammation and breaks up adhesions which tend to form in the connective tissue of a stiff, arthritic dog. This, along with gentle stretching and passive range-of-motion techniques promotes flexibility and mobility. Quite simply, massage therapy can help your dog feel and walk better.

Massage For Dogs in Los Angeles_ Orthopedic and Post Op

Orthopedic Conditions and Post Op

Cruciate ligament tears, herniated discs and hip dysplasia are painful and challenging conditions. An experienced massage therapist can help your dog by loosening constrictions in muscle and connective tissue which restrict movement. Massage treatment also improves circulation which is so important because it feeds and nourishes damaged muscles and connective tissue.

Massage For Dogs in Los Angeles_Young and Old

Young & Old

Massage therapy is a restorative tool for dogs of any age. The relaxation, rejuvenation and healing you may experience if you've had a massage is the same feeling your dog will get during a massage treatment. It is healing for everyone!

Massage For Dogs in Los Angeles_Anxious Dogs

Anxious Dogs

The gentle, warm touch of a skilled and supportive massage therapist can work wonders in alleviating the worries and fears of an anxious dog. Whether suffering from separation anxiety or frightened by the noise of daily life, your dog can be calmed and relaxed with the comforting touch of an experienced massage therapist.

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What others are saying…

Himeno V.

Patty has been receiving massages and cranial sacral work from Paulette since she was diagnosed with malignant melanoma months ago and she is loving them! She goes into a deep sleep for the rest of the day processing and healing. She has so much energy the days following and I don't think we will ever stop treatment with Paulette. It is not just for tight muscles but for the over health of our bodies. We need everything to flow properly so that our bodies can do what it needs to do to be the healthiest it can be. Paulette is so amazing and so skilled. She knows exactly what they need. My Sophie kitty use to go up to her when she would come over and turn around, sit and look at her like, "you can start now" and then she would have a huge yawn which was a sign of release from the cranial sacral work and then get up and leave. If you have a dog or cat with chronic issues I would contact her as one of the modalities to get them feeling better! It doesn't matter the issue, it will help!

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Lauren H.

Words can not express the amount of gratitude and respect that I have for Paulette and her company Hearts and Hands. Last year the unthinkable happened and my 3 year old healthy dog, Holly, suddenly stopped walking over night! (It literally happened that fast!) one minute she was running around and we were hiking and playing frisbee and the next she just couldn't walk! I brought her into her vet and I was told that Holly had a disease called IVDD and was given a 50/50 chance of ever walking again, despite the odds I had the surgery (I honestly didn't know what to do at the time) and after the surgery Holly still was unable to walk... I took her to a few different rehab facilities near where I lived but no one did much to help me except take my money.  Overwhelmed, discouraged and sad I managed to find my way to Paulette at Heart and Hands.  She lifted not only Holly onto her feet again but our spirits as well... Holly still isn't walking but she is happy and healthy and Paulette has never given up hope.  She goes above and beyond for Holly as well as myself. it's been a year and a half now since Holly stopped walking and i don't know where we would be without Paulette.  Thank you Paulette for all you do and have done for us.

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Stella L.

Paulette massaged both my senior dogs and they absolutely loved her massages!  Not only did Paulette helped my dogs feel better but her loving, therapeutic touch helped my dogs heal.  I could tell that she made them feel better and help alleviate their arthritic pain.  Paulette has the experience and knowledge to work both with their physical bodies and energy.  I highly recommend Paulette for all your animals!

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shana g.

Paulette has greatly helped my dog! My Labrador, Sunshine, is overweight and has started to develop arthritis as she's getting older. Seeing her limp was very troubling and I wanted to do something other than mask the issue by putting her on pain meds. I decided to try out pet massage and I'm so glad I did.My dog can be a little aggressive at times but Paulette dealt with my dogs attitude with courage and grace and now Sunshine is always so happy to see her! The massages have worked wonders as a holistic way to improve Sunshines mobility and over all quality of life.At first Sunshine was a little unsure about the massage, not knowing why this stranger is rubbing her. My dog fiddled and needed to take frequent breaks and Paulette was so patient and reassuring about it. By the second massage Sunshine was really digging it and by the third she put herself on her dog bed and was ready go!Paulette always checks in with me a few days following the massage to check in and see how Sunshine is doing. She's so caring. Sunshine and I are both lucky to have Paulette in our lives.

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